About Daniel Fishbayn

Daniel Fishbayn is a creative writer, sometimes filmmaker, and aspiring TV scribe living in Toronto, Canada. He has adapted his writing voice for a variety of media, with a portfolio including film reviews forĀ Eye Myth Film, script coverage as a freelance reader, and viral content for numerous social media platforms. In addition to frequent work as an improviser at the Bad Dog Theatre company, his stage pieces have been workshopped and performed at storied venues including Theatre Passe Muraille and Tarragon Theatre in Toronto, and by Players Theatre in Montreal.

Daniel holds a B.A. in Cultural Studies and Communications from McGill University. After moving back to Toronto in 2015, he worked briefly as an Associate Producer and Assistant Editor on the CBC Short Documentary Sourtoe: The Story of the Sorry Cannibal (2016), before pivoting towards scripted entertainment and a career in writing for TV. He has since been busy building a TV portfolio, performing improv, writing and recording plaintive folk music, and finally moving out of his parents’ house.

Daniel’s three favourite things are road trips, well-worded questions, and the band Radiohead. His greatest accomplishment to date is that he was kicked by a cow at the Royal Ontario Agriculture Fair when he was 3 years old and lived to tell the tale. Coincidentally, he has since become lactose intolerant, though he does not believe the two incidents are related.

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