“Baited”an Official Selection, Script Summit 2020

Excited to announce that my half-hour comedy pilot “Baited” is an Official Selection at the 2019 Script Summit Competition in Royal Oak, Michigan!

Very grateful to the festival for the chance to network and compete for awesome prizes this summer. They also sent me this neat laurel GIF! Can’t wait! Festival info: https://www.scriptsummit.com/2019finalists

You can find the full “Baited” pilot script in the TV section above, or right here. Feel free to email me to ensure you are reading the most recent draft.


“Water Friends 4” a finalist for AudFest Online Jury Award, will screen at AudFest in December

Back in August of this year, the whole team behind “Water Friends 4: A Startup Story” were working together once again — this time not on a film, but on a social media campaign.

It started with “Water Friends 4” getting selected to compete in the US-based Audience Awards Comedy Shorts Film Festival, an online showcase for independent filmmakers decided over the course of about a week via a voting system. It was a total team effort, and along with my co-stars in the film, Kailee Mandel, Andrew Luba, and Robbie Grant, we coordinated our efforts, brought hundreds of views to our contest entry page, and earned a total of 117 votes for our film.

We finished in second place out of over 53 other awesome short films. 

My team and I were so thrilled that yet another amazing moment had come out of our little no-budget indie short film, which we made almost two years ago for the sheer fun of it with no expectation of ever seeing it earn a top spot in anything at all. Not only did we earn some sweet laurels from the Audience Awards, we were thrilled to see that WF4 would now be featured on the Audience Awards channel on Xumo, a new subscription-based movie streaming platform (currently available only in the US!).

But that wasn’t all. the preliminary audience award selections were then automatically entered into the Jury Round, the winners of which would go on to join only a handful of other short films for a live screening at the Roxy Theater in downtown Missoula, Montana. We knew it was a long shot, and that we were up against some amazing competition.

And then we got the email: Water Friends 4 was a Final Round Jury Winner.

My collaborators and I had made it a gleeful objective while canvassing online for votes: help send us to Montana! But the possibility of actually going–of actually winning a festival slot–seemed remote. Welp, we did it folks, and I’ll be in Montana this December to prove it.

Water Friends 4 will be screening as part of the LOL: Comedy Shorts block on Saturday, December 5 from 5:30 pm – 6:15 pm. There will be a Q&A following the screening!

You can check out the full festival schedule here: https://www.audienceawardsfilmfestival.com/audfestschedule

And buy your festival pass NOW here for only $49! (Offer ends Nov 19)

Hope to see you there, as I head across North America once again to bring home that #punmoney! 😉 If you haven’t seen the film yet and can’t make it to Montana, you can still watch it here right now!

“Water Friends 4” Accepted to 2019 Oregon Short Film Festival


My team of collaborators at Cashbox Productions and I are very pleased to announce that our short mockumentary “Water Friends 4: A Startup Story” has been accepted and will screen at the 2019 Oregon Short Film Festival in Portland, Oregon!

This silly and satirical film was a total labour of love, made with my friends Kailee Mandel, Andrew Luba, and Robbie Grant in the Spring and Summer of 2017. We’re so grateful to the festival for showcasing our film and believing in us. Portland, here we come!

Further info and tickets to our screening (Session 8 – Sunday Feb 24th @ 3:00 pm) are available here!

Watch the full film here!


Water Friends 4 Poster_2.png

Nov 2018: Website fully updated


As I’m presently caught up a flurry of existential and professional dread, I’ve just updated every single section of this puppy in the hopes of reminding myself, and maybe some folks out there in the ether, that I’ve written some things I’m proud of.

I hope you’ll find something to connect with while scanning through my spattered Jackson Pollock of a portfolio. This is what happens when you try to be every kind of writer at the same time. Hooray!

Many thanks, gondor primulon, and happy trails,