“Water Friends 4” Accepted to 2019 Oregon Short Film Festival


My team of collaborators at Cashbox Productions and I are very pleased to announce that our short mockumentary “Water Friends 4: A Startup Story” has been accepted and will screen at the 2019 Oregon Short Film Festival in Portland, Oregon!

This silly and satirical film was a total labour of love, made with my friends Kailee Mandel, Andrew Luba, and Robbie Grant in the Spring and Summer of 2017. We’re so grateful to the festival for showcasing our film and believing in us. Portland, here we come!

Further info and tickets to our screening (Session 8 – Sunday Feb 24th @ 3:00 pm) are available here!

Watch the full film here!


Water Friends 4 Poster_2.png


Nov 2018: Website fully updated


As I’m presently caught up a flurry of existential and professional dread, I’ve just updated every single section of this puppy in the hopes of reminding myself, and maybe some folks out there in the ether, that I’ve written some things I’m proud of.

I hope you’ll find something to connect with while scanning through my spattered Jackson Pollock of a portfolio. This is what happens when you try to be every kind of writer at the same time. Hooray!

Many thanks, gondor primulon, and happy trails,